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    October 29, 2012
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good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. got him looking. and the giants have won it all! >> what a night. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle. the pandemonium continues this afternoon but the top story sandy. lf hour, hurrican >> it is big. 60million peop are from the hurricane's path from north carolina up to long island, as far away as nential. >> state and local lead -- as new england. >> state and local leaders have isvacusued eion orders while the storm is still miles out at
sea. susan mcginnis is live at rehobeth beach this afternoon in delaware. susan? >> the clock is ticking down. the arrival of the monster storm. the only people you can find outside on the delaware shore right now are emergency folks and some media. the big worry for the arrival of this storm, among the biggest worries, is flooding, but because of the storm surge, a lot of that flooding is already happening. pieces of the atlantic city board walk ended up in the street. as hurricane sandy moves closer. roads are flooded and it is only expected to get worse. hundreds of thousands of people along the east coast have evacuated. but others refuse to leave. >> this is part of me. i've got to stay here. >> reporter: the national hurricane center says the massive storm has turned to the left and is expected to make land fall near delaware bay and new jersey. >> the most important message that i have for the public right now is please listen to what your state and local officials are saying.
when they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate. >> hurricane force winds extend 175 miles from the center, and the storm is combining with two other weather systems, to create a super storm, affecting around 50 million people. >> it could be 2, 300 miles away from the center, during this event, and still get some very, very bad weather, dangerous, or even life- threatening conditions. >> reporter: here in rehobeth beach, the waves are already reaching over the board walk and are heading inland. officials say the storm surge, plus high winds could mean major damage up and down the northeast. >> i've been down here 30 years and i haven't seen this as bad as it is right now. >> reporter: and even after the storm passes, extensive power outages are expected to last for days. and by order of the governor of delaware, the only people allowed on the roads now are essential personnel. officials want anyone still left in town here to be either in their homes, or in shelters.
in rehobeth beach delaware, susan mcginnis. back to you. >> thanks, susan. more than 100 california air guards men and women are headed to the east coast to assist with hurricane sandy and the rescue effort out there. >> cbs 5 reporter alisa harrington is life at moffett with how they plan to provide relief for those in need. >> reporter: they're geared up and ready to go. very noisy out here. you're looking at three m-130s and a c17 air prop. they've been loading the helicopters. they are putting a helicopter into that c17. and they will be used for widespread efforts on the east coast as it gets slammed by hurricane sandy. more than 100 guards men and women from the 129th rescue wing are taking part in this mission. after leaving moffett field, they will land in charlotte, north carolina. from there, crews, including guardian angel air and rescue teams will disburse where never they are needed. they won't fly directly into the heart of the storm but will
go where they can and help where there is flooding. they're bringing medical supplies, food and flight- saving equipment for water rescue. they will get there and be ready for any circumstance. >> usually, after a hurricane, the biggest thing is you don't have any communication. you are going to be basically isolated. water shortages. we're ready. we're a very combined task force and able to take care of ourselves first and then we're able to take care of individuals. >> the 129th rescue wing saved more than 200 people during hurricane katrina. and this time around, they say they will stay on the east coast, as long as they are needed. melissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you very much. sandy is packing strong winds. upwards of 100 miles an hour. >> it is. let's led over to lawrence now with the latest on sandy's path. lawrence, take it away.
>> late-season hurricane, make can its way along the eastern seaboard. what is amazing with the storm is not the strength but it is such a large storm. so the potential for damage over a wide scattered area and a densely populated area, it is going to be a major problem. right now, sustained winds of 90 miles an hour making it a category one. but this is expected to sweep on shore later today and as it moves onshore, a very large storm surge. i will tell you what. new york probably in the worst spot. it is in the right front quadrant of the storm system. you have the forward motion of the waves coming onshore and the winds wrapping it around taking the winds back in the harbor and they could see 8-11- foot storm surge. and are already seeing flooding along the coastline. not done there just yet. it will make its way onshore and carry with it lots of rain and the winds will be the big story. and here is the wind forecast. you can see the large swath of purple with very strong 50 plus mile-an-hour winds associated with the storm system, stretching all the way down. from virginia, all the way up to new hampshire, and it looks like connecticut as well. so this system will come onshore, cause all kinds of
damage, dump a ton of rain, some places maybe 8 maybe 12 inches of rain, and it is going to be a disaster in the making the next couple of days. we are going to see some very interesting video coming out from that part of the country. that's the latest. back to you. >> people across the country are double checking their flights today, as airports along the east coast close down. flights into washington, d.c., new york, and boston, they are seeing massive cancellations, by 7:00 this morning, and more than 7,000 flights were grounded. and here in the bay area, airport officials at sfo say they're ready. >> if needed, we do have things like pillows and blankets and resources available for passengers that might be stranded. >> airline officials say it could be up to a week before stranded passengers can be rebooked. well, there is one flight that will not be canceled. that's the charter plane that is bringing home san francisco's world series champs. >> line drive in center field. and that's a base hit. >> there you go.
marco scuttero with the go ahead run. and the pitcher sergio romeo shutting down the tigers to secure the victory in game four of a series sweep. and the giants arrive back at sfo around 3:00. and for the second time in three years, they are the world champs. >> isn't that great? preparations are under way for a victory parade downtown. >> not wasting any time. the procession along market street will start around 11:00. that's on wednesday morning. cbs 5 reporter is in san francisco. there she is. a little bit more on the parade route. good morning, or good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, frank and michelle. yes, giants fever is basically sweeping over the city. and see that they caught it when we were driving around this morning, we saw so many people wearing orange and black and the energy will continue with this week's parade. >> the city is preparing for the next big one. >> the smiles. i keep thinking about it.
i hear them. and i'm so happy to be a giants fan. >> reporter: the celebration a familiar one to the bay area. the giants sweep to becoming the world series champs, the second one in three years for san francisco. >> 2010, we did it. we will do it again and again, mayor
fans got a little out of had last night... defacing buils with graffiti and setting fs on the streets of san franc. today, you can see some of e effects. after the game bonfires were set at 22nd ad mission streets. as police tried to disperse a crowd... some people threw beer botts at officers. á police
arrested 35 people... 22 on felony charges and 13 on misdemeanors. still ahead.. hurricane sany rains on the campaign.. what means for the final push foe white house and how the candidates are dealing witht could be a major disaster.. ============b r e a k ============== ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
struggling with their weigh. more and more programs are g introduced to try and help severely overweight people t the pounds off.. ines ferres more on one of those progra. helen esposito is fighting k against obesity. the 25 yead
thanks, lawrence. in the midst of cancelled flights
you can see terrible damage and this is category 1. not even the strongest of hurricanes. so yeah, we're watching that plus our local weather. we have patchy fog that continues outside and dense fog over the waters. the clouds don't move around the bay right now. we have sunshine inland, 68- degrees in concord. 70 in living moore. nice and sunny and brice and bright. patches of fog inside the bay but otherwise lots of sunshine. more dense fog is expected to move in tonight and a chance of return of rain on halloween. the fog is lingering inside the bay towards the coastline. high pressure remain this is
place and will sit overhead that will bring with us more sunshine and mild temperatures. and it looks like the weather is going to stay dry for the next couple of days. this storm system could move in on wednesday. we want to time this out because we have a big parade and a hot of trick-or-treaters as well. on wednesday, the storm clouds make a return but not until after we get the parade in and i think most of the trick-or- treaters. most will probably stay dry. so with that in mind, numbers looking like this nor today. 74 in san jose. east bay temperatures, 70s. maybe low 80s. and as you head inside the bay you will see the numbers as high as 70 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. 76 in santa rose saw. we're expecting lots of sunshine for the next couple of days. and then on wednesday, the
storm system moves in and showers lingering thursday and friday and of course the good news is i think the showers hold off until the late evening for most folks. get out trick or treating early. that's right. >> thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. well, in the midst of all the canceled flights and e sack evacuation orders, the candidates are making final changes to the campaign week. that's coming up next.
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atlantic city.. . this is another live look at the east coast. this is actually atlantic city. now the picture is frozen a bit here but we have been seeing these waves and tides coming in. it's experiencing some flooding but you look at these images and it's amazing to know the eye of the storm has not made land fall yet. >> the worst is yet to come there up and down the eastern seaboard. hurricane sandy is washing out candidates plans for their entire work. >> reporter: president barack obama scrapped a morning campaign stop in florida to get back to washington as the weather deteriorated. >> the election will take care of itself next week. right now, our number one priority is to make sure we're saving lives and that our search and rescue teams will be in place. >> the president 'led tuesday's stops in colorado and wisconsin. he told campaign workers in
orlando he's counting on them to help get out and vote. i am not going to be able to campaign quite as much over the next couple of days, make sure as folks get hit by the storm, everybody is doing what they are supposed to do. >> the storm is sure to impact early voting along the east coast, and for state that's may help decide the election, they are in the path of this storm. hurricane sandy altered romney's plan and canceled events in virginia sunday. >> let's today, when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast in the wake of this big storm that's coming. let's not forget the fellow americans of ours. >> they will be collecting flies in the campaign offices and donating buss to help deliver those items. >> on the eastern coast of our nation, a lot of people are enduring very difficult times, and our hearts and our prayers go to them. >> both campaigns are using
twitter and facebook to urge supporters to donate to the red cross. >> four very critical election states, north carolina, virginia, ohio, and way up in new hampshire are all effected by the storms so you can bet those presidents there been paying very close attention to how the president handles the situation and what mr. romney does as well. it's so sad. when we come back, he may be the saddest baseball fan out there. what got this guy in tears right before bed? you don't want to miss this video. it's coming up next. if you have a consumer problem for question, give us a call 888-help-you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
. well when your team doesn't take the title it's easy to be sad. >> it is but last week whether the giants knocked the st. louis cardinals out of the world series, there probably wasn't anybody quite as sad as this little guy. >> no way. >> what's wrong? >> they are not winning. they are not going to go to the world series, dad. >> who is going to go?
>> the giants. i don't like that. i don't want that to happen. >> so what do we need to do? >> watch the whole game. >> well, it's late. we're going to go to bed and we will see what happens. we will wake up in the morning and see what happens. >> dad, the game will be over. >> oh, man. >> that just breaks your heart. >> wait until e hears the giants won the world series. >> that breaks your heart. >> the giants won the next four in a row, actually, giving them the clean sweep and world series title over the tigers. that's true last night. and here in san francisco, the city is celebrating the team. you can watch it live on cbs 5. the giants touchdown a little after 3:00. there may be a few people at the airport. >> lawrence, is that how you
cry? >> [laughter]. haven't you seen me do that before? every time the raiders lose. >> how about the weather on wednesday? >> i think we will be okay. we have the storm coming but i think the parade will be great and there may be a breeze. >> wednesday we have the parade and also halloween. >> and we have halloween. for most folks, the shower wills hold off. we will watch it for you. >> 49ers tonight too. >> have a great afternoon, everyone.